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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Green Smoothie vs Odwalla Juice

I know it has been a while.......well a VERY long while since my last post. But......I am back! I have such a busy schedule between work and school that sometimes I find it hard to figure my life out. During the past few months I discovered this website I learned so much about the benefits from drinking green smoothies that I started drinking them for breakfast daily. I add the vegetables to the smoothies along with fruits and you don't even taste the veggies. The fruits have sugar which help sweeten the smoothies naturally. The smoothies also keep you very full until its time for the next meal. 
On another note, yesterday I went to my local Publix to pick up a few items and I stopped by the area where the really expensive Naked, Odwalla, and Bolthouse farms juices are and I read their labels for a while. All of a sudden I had a great idea. I thought to myself  "instead of buying fruits and veggies to make the smoothies, I can just buy these juices that are already made and it will save me time in the mornings." So I decided on buying this one here
It was pretty pricey and cost $6.99 but I could drink around 6 cups from it. So today when I got up I was excited to try this juice and here is what I think of it:
-It has a very dark green color 
- kind of thick
-tastes very sweet
While drinking it, I thought it was very sweet and for some reason I can compare it to drinking one of those sugary drinks and it just didn't feel healthy. There is a different feeling you get when drinking green smoothies versus this. So in my opinion it is better to make your smoothies and not buy this. So now I want to save money and boy a nutribullet that is the perfect blender for smoothies. Please do some research on green smoothies so that you too can learn about the great health benefits they can provide for you. 

P.s: Look at this green smoothie. Don't you just want to try one? It looks soooo good!!

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  1. Juice is my favorite in my breakfast. While I drinking juice, I considered it was very sugary and for some reason I can contrast it to drinking one of those sugary beverages and it just didn't seem healthy. Noni juice is my favorite one.

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